Short-term Study Experience

If you are an institution and you are want to create a unique program for your student, below are some examples that might fit your needs.  GCN members are also willing to work with you to tailor a program to fit the specific needs of your students. Below are some example itineraries.

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  • Stay in the Netherlands for 7 days
  • Dutch language classes
  • Dutch culture classes (including visits to mills, handicraft shops, horticulture, etc.)
  • Visits to various ROCWB locations
  • Interactions, events, meetings with Dutch students
  • Visit to Amsterdam (canal tours, Rijks Museum - Rembrandt and other Dutch masters, Van Gogh Museum)
  • Bicycle tours
    • Optional tours: Deltaworks, the beach, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, bulbfields and more

Accommodation:  Host families or in dorms (StayOkay)

*The estimated cost will be in the region of € 1000,00 per student. The minimum number of students to run the program is 10.

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Seinäjoki ,  Finland



  • Stay in Seinäjoki for 5-7 days
  • English language classes and learning the basics of Finnish
  •  Finnish culture (including visits to architectural sights, Zoo, natural park and hiking in the forest)
  • Visits to different Sedu locations, for example School farm and First aid simulation with high-tech dummies
  • Meet Finnish students
  •  Free time activities (depending on the weather: bowling, skiing, snow walking, ice swimming, sauna, forest walks, fishing, cooking your own salmon on wooden planks in traditional cottages...)

Additional programmes (not included in the fee): Helsinki, Tampere, Tallin (Estonia), Lapland, The Kvarken Archipelago or National parks, national hiking areas and other Finnish sights.

Accommodation in the dormitory of Sedu, hotel or with host families.

***The estimated cost will be in the region of € 900 - 1200 per student, depending on the accommodation and duration of the visit. The price includes meals and transportation. The number of students for the program is 5-10.

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Valencia - Spain

Valencia - Spain


We can offer two modalities:  A Full Programme Basic Programme + optional activities

  • Survival Spanish Lessons
  • Spanish Culture classes
  •  Multicultural society: different races, cultures, languagesHistory: Greeks, Romans, Germans, Middle-Age, the discovering of America...,
  •   Traditions: handicrafts, cooking, sports, music, danc
  • Cultural activities such as a Flamenco show
  • Visit to the city of Science and Arts
  •  Visit to Valencia University
  • Cultural visits (on voluntary basis)
    • The mountains: The Cork Forrest and Middle Age castle
    • The Mediterranean sea: swimming and nautical sports (on voluntary basis)
    • Natural Park: Albufera Lake boat trip
    • Ancient Roman Village: Foro, Theatre, Coliseum, Baths, streets..
    • International Festival.  Meet Spanish students
    • Travel to Barcelona / Madrid / Alicante. Cultural visit (one to choose, on voluntary basis)

Accommodation options:

  • Shared Flat with other students
  •  Spanish family
  • Apartment only for GCN members
  • Youth hostel
  • Hotel

Approximate cost: (to be confirmed)

  • Programme fee: 350 €
  • Overall estimate: 750 €

Minimum participants to run the programme: 3

Senigallia, Italy

Senigallia, Italy


  • 7 days in Senigallia,, Italy
  • Pizza and fresh pasta training course
  • Bakery and pastry training course
  • Italian Culture
    • Frasassi natural caves
    • medieval villages
  • Visit local vineyard
  • Fish tasting in a starred Michelin Restaurant
  • Meet Italian students
  • Free time activities (swimming, walking on the beach, sailing)

Additional Programs (not included in the fee)

  • Visits to Rome, Venice or Florence

Accommodation:  3 Star Hotels or Homestay (depending on student age

The estimated cost will be in the region of € 900 - 1000 per student, depending on the accommodation . The price includes meals and transportation. The number of students for the program is 5-10.


  • 1-2 weeks in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
  •  Survival Japanese Classes
  • Japanese Culture Classes (Koto, Sado, Shodo, Origami and more
  • Sightseeing
    • Kujukushima, Hirado Castle, Huis Ten Bosch, Shrines, Temples and much more
  • Leadership Camp (Both Japanese and visiting students stay overnight in cabins and work on intercultural, global leadership challenges, activities and presentations
  • Peace Camp
    • (Project-based camp where both Japanese and visiting students stay overnight facility and explore peace. Students will also tour the Peace Museum and Peace Memorial Hall in Nagasaki, city)

Accommodation:  Hotels, Dorms, camp facilities

The estimated cost will be between ¥100,000-¥200,000 per student, depending on the accommodation. The price includes all accommodation, meals and transportation. The number of students for the program is 5-10.