GCN Conferences

The Global College Network was established to provide exchanges, to strengthen ties of mutual understanding, friendship and personal and professional development; to enhance the education opportunities of our students bodies and to contribute to international peace and understanding.

GCN Conference 2001

GCN Conference 2001

From our very first meetings and conference, our goals and core values have remained the same.

GCN Conferences have always been an important opportunity for member institutions to gather, share and grow together.

Since 2017, the GCN has run two parallel conferences: GCN Staff conference and GCN Student Ambassadors conference.


2018 - GCN and Ambassadors Conference:     Xabec, Valencia Spain


Past Conferences

2018 - Spain: Hosted by Xabec

2017 - Italy: Hosted by Panzini

2016 - Finland: Hosted by SEDU  

2015 - UK : Hosted by Chichester College and Sussex Downs College

2014 - Japan : Hosted by ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages

2013 -  Spain : Hosted by Xabec

2012 -  Japan: Hosted by Kyoto Gakuen