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2018 Ambassador Conference

Every year students from countries all over the world gather together to spend one week of convivence.  This year, the Ambassador Conference  was in Valencia Spain, from the 29 Oct. to 02 Nov. 2018.

Participants discussed topics with international impact, share experiences and participated in cultural activities, all with the goal of connecting cultures from all over the world.  The Ambassadors Conference is a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE at the international level. If you are a student… This is an experience that should not be missed!!!

Snapshot VALENCIA 2018

Description of the activities

Project Work: the participants work in teams of students from different countries; working together, they will discuss and prepare a presentation about the main theme of the 2018 conference: International Responsibility; they will tackle this issue from three different perspectives: Poverty, Peace and Environment.

Cineforum: the participants watch a film which transmits a critical issue about privacy. Afterwards they will discuss and share their opinions.

Debate / Contest: each participating institution must prepare arguments to defend or attack a possible scenario:  the implantation in the world of a common currency.

Cooking lessons: there is a practical lesson about how to prepare the most famous meal in the Valencia Region:  paella.

Cultural and sports program: the participants visit the City of Science and arts, and play a volleyball game at the beautiful beach of Valencia.

Example Conference Itinerary

Practical Details

You can download the updated document: click here: Practical Details


Fortunately we will have the opportunity to celebrate Halloween together the 31st of  October. Prepare yourself! Bring something to dress/wear that night, during the Ambassadors Dinner.

Updated February 18, 2019